What We Are Doing

There are a number of things we are doing right now and are planning to do in the near future to move Java EE forward. You can help us and we need your help.

  • We are continuing to enthusiastically evangelize Java EE, including Java EE 8. We are developing samples, tutorials, books, training materials and presentations which can be delivered at conferences, JUG meetings, etc.
  • We actively engage in Java EE related JSRs in the JCP. We are encouraging developers and organizations to join the JCP and get involved in the specification process.
  • We help develop Java EE reference implementations, TCKs and specification documents in the JCP. We are helping to test reference implementations and providing feedback on JSRs to the JCP.
  • We are tracking the progress of Java EE 9 to ensure that Java EE continues to move forward. In addition we are tracking the progress of Java EE 8 implementations. We also support and contribute to open source projects that help advance Java EE (such as the MicroProfile initiative).