How You Can Help

Your help is critical for us to succeed. In the least we need the support of your voice. Every voice counts in its own way and there are many ways to help.

  • You can help us spread the word on this effort by blogging, tweeting, posting, speaking or talking to friends and colleagues. We have our own Twitter account you can follow. Let others know about the Java EE Guardians. Consider giving a Java EE Guardians presentation at your local JUG or meeting at work.
  • You, your organization or your Java User Group can be listed here as a supporter. This is one of the strongest ways you can show your support.
  • You can join our user alias to learn more about what we are doing. Our Google Group can be found here. This is your logical starting point to getting engaged in helping advance Java EE, including contributing to Java EE technologies and evangelizing Java EE.