Code of Conduct

The Java EE Guardians are a diverse, global group of working professionals graciously volunteering their time to advance a common purpose. Our role as an evangelism and advocacy body requires a calm, civil, cordial, productive, professional, reasonable and respectful environment, particularly while discussing complex and nuanced ideas together.

To that end, the Java EE Guardians adopt the open source Contributor Covenant, as-is, as our code of conduct. The Covenant is the most popular code of conduct in the world for open source projects. Please find a copy of the code of conduct here. The Java EE Guardians align well with the core objectives and motivations of the Contributor Covenant. We wish to have a safe and welcoming place for a diverse community to work well together. To learn more about the background of the Contributor Covenant, please look here.


As the Contributor Covenant points out, simply outlining a code of conduct that is not enforced in good faith is incorrect. Java EE Guardians actively monitor and enforce the code of conduct through a collaborative, fair and transparent enforcement body. The enforcement body consists of five responsible Java EE Guardians and is refreshed every six months. All enforcement proceedings are fully documented but kept private by default to protect the dignity and privacy of all parties involved, including potentially non-malicious code of conduct violators. Enforcement proceedings for a specific incident may be made public upon reasonable request to the enforcement body.

Please note the code of conduct is intended to cover administrators of Java EE Guardian social media accounts who graciously volunteer their time and deserve equal protection from the undesirable behaviors outlined in the code of conduct. Violators may be “muted” by the enforcement body or, in rarer cases, “blocked”.

You are encouraged to report, in good faith, potential code of conduct violations by emailing guardians-abuse at googlegroups dot com.